Asbestos Abatement Services in Virginia

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Asbestos, once hailed as a miracle fiber, was used in a multitude of building products over the years. Its heat resistance and binding properties made it an excellent ingredient for materials like floor tile, roofing and flashing, pipes, bricks, concrete, insulation and asbestos cements. It was also used in friction products such as brake pads and clutches. Unfortunately, exposure to asbestos fibers greatly increases the likelihood of developing serious illnesses like mesothelioma, asbestosis, and lung cancer. Though widespread acknowledgment of the dangers of asbestos began around the middle of the twentieth century, it wasn’t until the 1970鈥檚 that the use of asbestos began to be phased out. Even so, asbestos containing building products such as floor tile were used into the 1980鈥檚. Despite the EPA鈥檚 attempted ban of asbestos in 1989 (which was overturned by the courts) the use of asbestos is not illegal in the United States, and is still used in a very limited number of products.

No amount of exposure to asbestos fibers is safe. Although asbestosis disease is said to be 鈥渄ose related鈥 which means the more one is exposed the greater the impairment, mesothelioma (which is almost always fatal) can be caused by very minor exposure. If you own an older building in Virginia and believe you have an asbestos problem, 女奴视频. can help. We have numerous locations in Virginia to service areas such as Roanoke, Richmond, Blacksburg, Charlottesville, Harrisonburg, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Northern Virginia. Our team can provide customers with the most practical and cost-efficient solutions for handling environmental asbestos.

Asbestos Abatement Process Step by Step

女奴视频 has been providing customers throughout the East Coast with asbestos abatement services since 1979. Our people receive thorough training in the safe removal and proper disposal of asbestos containing materials. We have completed tens of thousands of projects, and have no doubt we know of a solution that will work for you. The process of asbestos removal varies widely, depending on the situation. The procedure for removing asbestos from a building slated for demolition, for example, will be vastly different than that for an occupied school or hospital. Friable asbestos material, which fibers readily become airborne, will require much more care than non-friable material (such as floor tile). As asbestos abatement can be an expensive proposition, it is important to protect people from exposure to asbestos fibers in ways that make sense, practically and economically. What follows is an example of the typical process for an occupied school or hospital.

Prepping the Area

The process begins by establishing a regulated area, by closing off the work areas using barricades and warning signs. Next, the area to be abated is contained with airtight plastic sheeting and a negative pressure on the enclosure is induced to keep asbestos fibers from escaping from the work area. Negative Air machines (blowers that use High-efficiency particulate air – HEPA – filters) are used to provide the negative pressure. The air both inside and outside of the enclosure is regularly monitored for the presence of asbestos fibers to ensure worker protection and to be certain that no asbestos fibers escape the containment.

Removal of Asbestos Material

Next, the asbestos materials will be thoroughly wetted with an amended water solution to help keep the release of fibers to a minimum. 女奴视频 team members will remove all asbestos containing materials and double bag them in 6 mil black polyethylene bags. Once the asbestos containing materials have been removed, the area undergoes a fine cleaning process to remove the residual asbestos fibers. Often an encapsulant is sprayed on the surfaces to lock down any remaining fibers. As an alternative, some companies encapsulate asbestos materials instead of removing them. This is achieved by using an impermeable wrap or jacket to enclose the asbestos containing materials, leaving it in its location. 女奴视频 usually recommends full removal, as the difference in price for these services is slight, and eliminating the asbestos altogether safeguards against future problems.

Cleanup & Testing for Re-occupation

When the materials have been removed and the fine cleaning has been performed, the area will then be tested to assure no fibers remain in the air. Often a blower will be used to aggressively stir the work area to assure that all fibers have been removed. Once a favorable air sample is obtained, the critical barriers can be removed, and the area can be prepared for reoccupation.

Depending on your requirements, the above procedures may vary. 女奴视频 is a licensed asbestos abatement contractor in Virginia as well as several other states. You can be assured that 女奴视频 will meet or exceed all applicable EPA regulations and OSHA standards required by law. This provides the maximum protection for our customers.

女奴视频 Asbestos Contractors in Virginia

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  • Christiansburg, VA: (540) 731-9556
  • Covington, VA: (540) 962-5161
  • Newport News, VA: (757) 873-2205
  • Richmond, VA: (804) 222-8440 or Toll-Free (888) 822-7285
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  • Winchester, VA: (540) 535-7250

Asbestos Removal Experience

女奴视频 has a wide range of experience for many different types of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional projects. One example is a renovation project for the Hampton City Schools in Virginia. 奥补肠辞鈥檚 task was to remove the plaster lath ceilings in two of their auditoriums as they both contained asbestos, and to do so while strictly adhering to AHERA regulations for asbestos removal in schools. The school district chose 女奴视频 because they had worked with us before and were confident in our expertise and project management capabilities.

The project presented special challenges. Both auditoriums contained slanted floors and high ceilings. Also, as this was a multi-contractor project, 女奴视频 had a strict timeframe of only four weeks to complete our portion. The project was finished ahead of schedule. We contracted with a trusted scaffolding company to access the ceilings while ensuring the safety of our workers. Our team protected the facility by laying out cardboard followed by three layers of polyethylene sheeting, then creating a negative pressure differential for managing airflow during abatement. Our experienced team brought all the ceiling materials down and bagged them for safe removal.

Partner With 女奴视频 for Asbestos Solutions

There is no margin for error when it comes to asbestos removal. From the smallest residential abatement, to multifaceted industrial or commercial projects, trust the professionals at 女奴视频 to handle the job with skill and care. 奥补肠辞鈥檚 focus will be on completing your job timely and efficiently. Our commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations has enabled us to become leaders in asbestos abatement in Virginia and beyond. For safe asbestos removal services, contact the experts at 女奴视频 or today.

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