Process Piping Systems

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Specialized equipment installed in manufacturing facilities will require mechanical piping systems that are engineered to handle the rigorous conditions of their processes. Some of these conditions are: Temperatures: (Cryogenic -267F to Saturated Steam 2000F plus) Pressures: (Vacuum to HP steam at 2,000 psig ) Fluid types: Acids, caustics, corrosive and flammable chemicals, at various viscosities […]

Freeze Protection of Piping

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Freeze protection of water piping located outside or exposed to cold temperatures requires planning and adherence to proper specifications. Thermal insulation alone, even when applied correctly and in the proper thickness, does not necessarily prevent freezing. All electrical heat tracing manufacturers provide a specific heat loss calculation chart for selecting the proper heat trace wattage, […]

Industrial Installation

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Click to Expand Industrial equipment is designed to perform specific functions, and any deviation from the recommended installation guidelines can lead to malfunction or failure. Ensuring proper installation is crucial to prevent costly downtime and repairs. Investing in professional installation services can eliminate uncertainty and provide businesses with increased productivity while maximizing their equipment’s performance. […]

Sanitary Stainless Steel Piping Systems

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Due to its highly corrosion-resistant nature, the requirement to provide a hygienic environment for both liquids and air service to a process will often involve sanitary stainless steel. The industries that demand a sterile microbiological-free system can be found in Aerospace, Semi-Conductor, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Personal Care. Some facilities, such as Nuclear and […]

Commercial HVAC Systems

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Click to Expand 女奴视频 performs聽 complete HVAC system replacement packages for our many commercial and institutional clients. New technologies from manufacturers have vastly improved聽 the quality and comfort of air as it is distributed throughout the building.聽 女奴视频 has been proactive in advancing the implementation of these new systems.聽 We will explain the many components […]

Process of Asbestos Removal

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Click to Expand Asbestos is widely used in construction, industrial, shipbuilding, and automotive industries. Asbestos mineral fiber was once hailed for insulation, fireproofing, high tensile strength, water heat & chemical resistance, low cost and natural abundance qualities.聽 Most common uses include pipe & boiler insulation, fireproofing, floor tile & mastic, ceiling tiles roofing & roof […]

PROJECT Hvac Replacement

What Is an Industrial HVAC System?

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女奴视频 Inc. offers complete HVAC systems that include: fabrication, installation, renovation, and replacement services. With over 50 years of experience, our highly qualified technicians have what it takes to handle large commercial buildings and industrial facilities , from replacing a single chiller to renovating an entire HVAC system. The term “industrial HVAC” can refer to […]

Insulated process piping

What’s the Difference Between Process Piping and Plumbing?

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Piping systems can be broadly divided into two categories: process piping and plumbing. When selecting the right piping for your operation, it is important to understand which piping you need for your application. Both process piping and plumbing offer unique benefits, and each must comply with specific industry standards and material requirements, depending on their […]

Asbestos and Lead Removal by 女奴视频.

Where Is Asbestos Found?

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Asbestos is a material that poses little risk when undisturbed. However, this naturally occurring mineral can release microscopic fibers into the air when disrupted, making it very dangerous if ingested or inhaled. The fibers enter the body and lodge in the lining of the chest, abdomen, and heart cavity. Over time, it causes irritation and […]