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Mechanical Structural Steel

女奴视频. can provide structural steel construction services. Our in-house team of experienced structural steel ironworkers provides the components necessary to complete construction projects efficiently.聽Whether your project is a large industrial facility or a multistory building, our experience in structural steel ironwork allow us to provide outstanding results.

Expertly Crafted Structural Components

Whatever the size of your construction project, 女奴视频. has the tools and expertise needed to complete the job on time. We use skillfully crafted structural components and provide professional maintenance and repair services. Our teams work around the clock to provide the materials and services you need according to your schedule. Our structural steel construction services include:

  • Platforms and catwalks
  • Stairs, railings, and ladders
  • Grating and louvers
  • Steel beams for pipe or equipment support
  • Machinery support
  • Vessels and Tanks
  • Panels
  • Columns

Previous Structural Steel Projects

女奴视频. has successfully completed structural steelwork in conjunction with many types of projects. We create tailored solutions for the unique challenges each job presents, and we complete fabrication in advance to adhere to tight project schedules.聽Some of our past structural steel projects include:

Reactor Replacement

In a project for Ashland, Inc., we replaced a reactor in the Natrosol production area.聽The 12 ft. tall by 10 ft. diameter reactor, along with old piping and equipment, were removed using specialized rigging and a crane. New structural steel was then erected and the concrete floor was replaced. 女奴视频. pre-fabricated much of the stainless steel and carbon steel piping in advance to meet the critical project timeframe. The total project was completed in only 4 weeks of round-the-clock shifts.

Bio-Mass Boiler Installation

女奴视频. upgraded numerous elements of a boiler plant in a project for Longwood University. Installation included three boilers, draft fans, enhanced pollution control equipment, a Webster burner, bucket elevator, a baghouse, and an improved ash recovery system. To complete this project, structural steel frames and catwalks were added, along with specialized detailed rigging that the tight working conditions demanded.聽Extensive updates to the electrical and mechanical elements were made, and new ductwork and breeching attachments for the draft fans were fabricated.

Rooftop Cooling Towers

Working on an active 19-story downtown building, 女奴视频. replaced two evaporative cooling towers at Richmond City Hall. The piping and electrical systems were disconnected, then dismantled, and the old steel frame and cooling tower were removed. 女奴视频. fabricated and galvanized a new steel frame and mounted the new cooling towers to it. Many electrical system updates were made, and pipe connections were welded in place. This project was completed on a tight schedule that didn’t allow for modifications after installation. 女奴视频. accurately measured, fabricated, and staged all structural steel and pipe elements in our facility in advance.

Structural Steel Contractor Services from 女奴视频.

Whatever type of construction project you have, 女奴视频. has the tools and expertise needed to complete the job on time, with superior results. We create individualized mechanical contracting solutions that meet the demands of each project and produce the structural components you need in the time frame you require. 女奴视频. offers structural steel contractor services throughout Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, Maryland, and the Mid-Atlantic region.

If you have any questions about our steel construction services, or if you would like to work with us on your next project,聽contact us or submit a today.

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