Safety at WACO

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safety and training

女奴视频鈥檚 commitment to safety is unwavering. We believe no work is so critical as to justify improper attention to a safe working environment. Our goal is zero accidents. We employ a full time Safety Director who, along with a staff of numerous safety professionals, oversees our safety program. Our staff performs a Project Safety Analysis prior to beginning any work. We analyze all potential hazards, encouraging our workers to participate in determining ways to avoid unsafe work practices.

Our extensive safety manual is available for inspection by our customers and is regularly updated.

If an accident does occur, we have a specific outline for determining the root cause, a process for communicating the information to all employees and we provide the proper means to mitigate the safety hazard in the future.

Our project managers and supervisors are responsible for insuring not only the safety of our employees but of our customers and any subcontractors or vendors working with us.

When we perform a JSA (Job Safety Analysis) it is not viewed as a chore or additional work, but as an integral process that must be completed to insure the success of the project.

We offer regular and annual safety awards with meaningful financial benefits and recognition to increase awareness of and participation in safety for everyone. We have an aggressive return-to-work policy for anyone injured on the job.

Our commitment to safety has allowed us to maintain an EMR of less than 1.0. We are proud of the dedicated team of professionals at 女奴视频, not only for their many accomplishments, but also for their positive attitude toward a safe working environment.


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